Welcome to Ripley Methodist church

Ripley Methodist Church (Wood Street) Ripley Minister:

COVID-19 Information

If you suspect that you have contracted the COVID-19 virus please do not come to our church until you have been tested negative. Out of concern about the new Omicron COVID-19 virus, please wear a mask inside church at all times unless you are seated, or exempt.


Our worship can be traditional or contemporary, accompanied by Organ, Piano, Keyboard, or a Band, or a combination.
Words for worship are displayed on screen at the front of church.

Large Print Song Sheets are also available.

Christmas and New Year Worship

Christmas and New Year Worship Sunday 19th December: At 10.30am our Carol Service is led by Rev Helen Penfold, with refreshments served afterwards. Christmas Day: At 10.30am our worship is led […]

Sunday worship 22nd may

https://youtu.be/GgQqtdAph3g The Choice Centuries ago in China a teacher would call one of his students to the front of the room. He would hold out both hands and explain to the […]

Worship 9th May 2021

https://youtu.be/diWVRU9mH7o A Candle in the Darkness About 30 years ago (1989) in Timisoara, Romania, Laszlo Tokes became pastor of Timisoara’s small Hungarian Reformed Church. Tokes preached the Gospel boldly, and within […]

Worship Sunday 2nd May 2021

https://youtu.be/1D_FCHlJwLA The Golden Fish                 Children in Bosnia-Herzegovina all know the ancient story of the poor woman who caught a golden fish, released it, and in return gained wealth and happiness. […]

Worship 25th April

https://youtu.be/O7P0_IzsTZY Sparky, the Loser Once upon a time, there was a little boy the other children called “Sparky,” after a comic strip horse named Sparkplug. Even though the boy hated that […]

Worship Sunday 18th April

The Art Auction                 Years ago a wealthy man shared a passion for art collecting with his devoted young son. Together they travelled around the world, adding only the finest art […]