Letter From Kate

Message – Dear Friends,
I write to you all in these Strange times. Firstly I want to thank
you all, those of you who have been checking the building, those
who have been looking after each other with news sheets,
pastoral care, telephone calls and small acts of kindness.

who have sent out the links for worship and those who have
shared worship resources to those who don’t have media
devices. Those who have kept folk going through difficult days,
those who have stayed home to keep others safe. We have all
played our part. Today my message is a message of hope. Hope
that things are starting to look brighter, but it comes with words
of caution. Friends, I urge you not to speak of ’going back’ for
there will be no going back, we can only ‘go forward’. Currently
we don’t know what forward will look like. We are at this
moment waiting on news from both the government and the
church, who are working round the clock on how to keep those
churches who are able to reopen their doors a ‘safe place’ for
people to ‘go forward’ into and what worship might look like.
Many questions are being asked and we are trying to look at the
answers as well as how we look after those people who are in
the vulnerable group and still won’t be able to ‘move forward’ for
some time, possibly months, and still feel part of church
communities. We’ve seen a growth in ‘online worship’ and we
are looking at how that might be part of the future for folk who
can’t join the ‘unlocked’ to not exclude them, to make this
message of hope not one just for a few but for the many. I ask
for your prayers at this time. I’ve never ministered into this
situation neither have my colleagues, almost daily we find new
blessings and new challenges. Our hope is in knowing that God
is with us through this. The Psalmist writes 25:5 ‘Guide me in
your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour, and my
hope is in you all day long’. It’s these words that I turn to now,
trying to take courage. I know because I have spoken to many
of you that you are struggling, I ask you to try and be patient,
we all want to see our church families but not at the cost of a
second peak in the virus and not by breaking with the advice of
the government and church. I believe folk will feel far safer
knowing that every precaution has been put into place when
they do ‘move forward’. We are the body of Christ, by working
together as we have done so far, we will combat this next phase
and work out a future that is inclusive for all of God’s people
while keeping our most vulnerable safe. We want a church do
we not that lives in word and action; ‘all are welcome here’
we just need to work out how that might work practically. As
soon as we have news I will pass it onto the stewards who will
pass it onto you. In the meantime, stay safe and may God bless
you all. Kate.
Blessing – May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of
God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us now and
evermore, Amen.

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