Message – 19th April 2020

Message – We are living in times when we face so much
fear and uncertainty, so many questions are being asked
and we too ask questions. But God says to us He is with us
and His love is all powerful and encompassing. Through
everything that is happening, the new ways we are living
our lives at the moment, we do have an amazing
opportunity to live out Jesus’ love. This can be through the
way we are working, the way we are responding when
asked questions from children, the way we talk with friends
and relatives, the way we react to those who are grieving
and sad. Or how we greet those when we are out on a
walk, when we shop. Practically we can give to others,
financially we can donate. At the heart of all we do and the
way we do it has to be our faith. Does that mean it’s easy?
No not at all. Does that mean we don’t have days when we
say why? No it doesn’t. But it does mean our faith is driving
our actions. Karen.:-

When I Look Into Your Holiness
When I look into Your holiness
When I gaze into Your loveliness
When all things that surround become shadows
In the light of You
When I’ve found the joy of reaching Your heart
When my will becomes enthroned in Your love
When all things that surround become shadows
In the light of You
I worship You I worship You
The reason I live is to worship You….
Words and music arranged by Phil Burt CCL 122217
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