Message Sunday 30th Aug 2020

Today should have been our ‘Songs of Praise’ Sunday service,
but as we all know, we are not able to meet together and have a
good sing! It’s not quite the same singing alone to Songs of
Praise on Sunday lunch time is it!!
I’m sure we all have a favourite hymn or two for whatever
reason: school, childhood days, Sunday School, Anniversaries,
church, ones we have heard either on the radio or tele or even
those from Christian concerts or groups. The list is endless. I
wonder if you listened to the BBC Top 10 for 2019? You may be
surprised to hear that number (10) I the Lord of sea and sky, (9)
Be still for the presence of the Lord (8) Amazing Grace (7) Guide
me O Thou great Redeemer, (6) I vow to Thee my country, (5)
Abide with me (4) Dear Lord and Father of mankind (3) In Christ
alone (2) How great Thou art and (1) Jerusalem!! A few
modern’ish’ ones, and some traditional. Some surprises there?
That’s just like us. We all have different tastes and choices in
everything we do in our daily lives. It would be pretty boring if
we all liked the same things.
Methodism was ‘Born in Song, and the words say it all: ‘Born in
Song, God’s people have always been singing. Born in song,
hearts and voices raised. So, today, we worship together. God
alone is worthy to be praised’ (Singing the Faith 21). So it’s sad,
that due to this terrible pandemic we are all going through, we
cannot join together and have a good sing, socialize with one
another, greet each other with the handshake, the loving
embrace, the smile, communion and the cuppa afterwards. Just
to be as a body of Christ altogether.
We read in the Bible, in Psalm 150: Praise the Lord. Praise Him
in his Temple, Praise His strength in heaven! Praise Him for the
mighty things He has done. Praise His supreme greatness. Praise
Him with trumpets. Praise Him with harps and lyres.
Praise Him with drums and dancing. Praise Him with harps and
flutes. Praise Him with loud cymbals. Praise Him with loud
cymbals. Praise the Lord, all living creatures! Praise the Lord (for
the Good news), ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord’
Why not read it for yourself- you may even end up singing it
Life is full of challenges; from the moment we are born to our
final days. Sometimes we find them difficult to face and we may
say ‘Why me? – well, why not me!’ Jesus says ‘’Come to me all
who are weary or troubled and I will give you rest” easier said
than done? Well we may think so, but if we put our faith and
trust in Him, we will overcome the storms of life. After all, Jesus’
life was full of challenges wasn’t it? He was treated by people as
a leader, a miracle worker, the Messiah, a story teller, a teacher,
a King, followed by so many – until when he was thought to be a
threat. Then they changed their minds and crucified Him – all
within that final week. But, just think how his 33 years on earth
changed so many lives both then and now. Yes, if it hadn’t been
for His life we wouldn’t be where we are today. We can worship
Him in so many ways: the thoughtful caring friend and
neighbour, the shoulder to cry on, the telephone call, card, text
or e-mail, baking and shopping – all in whatever ways we can
sharing our love for each other just as Jesus did. When I needed
a neighbour – where YOU there? One day we WILL finally be
back at church again as a church family, worshipping, singing,
reading the Bible, sharing our love with each other. So, if you’re
feeling sad or lonely, depressed or disillusioned, just think of
your favourite hymn and sing it out as loud as you can! I’m sure
it will make you feel much better. It does me! Here’s to the next
Songs of praise.
We thank you for the gift of music and song. For the love and
friendship we find as a body of Christian people. For the beauty
of this fragile world around us. We pray for an end to this
pandemic, where so many lives have been changed, or lost. For
all Key workers: doctors nurses, care staff, ambulance, fire
service, and police; for teachers, shop workers and so many
more who have put their own lives at risk to help everyone,
serving in whatever way they can. We pray for all those in
authority who are making decisions, that they may look to you
for guidance and understanding. And lastly, we pray for
ourselves: our church, our families and friends in the
community. Give us peace and hope for a ‘bright tomorrow’.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.

Let ev’rything that, ev’rything that
Ev’rything that has breath praise the Lord (repeat)
Praise You in the morning, praise You in the evening
Praise You when I’m young and when I’m old
Praise You when I’m laughing, praise You when I’m grieving
Praise You ev’ry season of the soul
If we could see how much You’re worth
Your power, Your might, Your endless love
Then surely we would never cease to praise….
Praise You in the heavens, joining with the angels
Praising You forever and a day
Praise You on the earth now, joining with creation
Calling all the nations to Your praise

Blessing – May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of
God and the fellow

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