Ripley worship 1st Nov

Welcome to worship.

All Is Forgiven

            In Ernest Hemingway short story “The Capitol of the World,”  He tells the story of a Spanish father and his teenage son Paco a popular spanish name.

            In the story thier relationship broke down and Paco ran away from home. Pacos father began a long search to find him and as a last resort, placed an ad in a Madrid newspaper, hoping that his son would see it.

            The ad read,

            Dear Paco,

            Please meet me in front of the newspaper office at noon. All is forgiven.



            In Hemingways story, the next day at noon, in front of the newspaper office, there were 800 Pacos, all seeking forgiveness from their fathers.

            We are like those Pacos, full of guilt and seeking forgivness, and not knowing were to find it.

            Our Father in heaven, who loves us very much has taken the first step, and like Pacos father placed an ad in the paper, God sent his son Jesus to die on a cross so we can be forgiven given a second chance

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