Sunday worship 31st Jan 2021

John 2; 1-12

Weddings are just not happening at the moment, and when they were they were restricted to 15 or thirty people, but we know that hasn’t always been the case and will return to normal.

Weddings in Jesus’s day lasted for days and included just about everyone family friends and just about the whole village.

When we do go to a wedding we usually put on our best gear, generally behave ourselves, eat and drink too much and don’t concern ourselves with any of the organisation or running of it, because its all taken care of.

Now have you ever noticed that mums have an in built detector, a nose you might say, for when things aren’t going smoothly, Mary Jesus’s mum was no exception she spotted that there was a wine problem, we don’t know how she knew, she just did. Running out of wine at the height of the wedding celebrations would not have been good for the newlyweds or there families, it would have looked bad.

So, Mary got Jesus to sort it.

He reluctantly got the servers to fill 6 water jars with water each containing about 100L or 22 Gallons that’s a total of 132 gallons of water, then take a taster over to the master of ceramonies and when he tasted it , it wasn’t just any old wine it was the best wine, and was the equivalent to about 800 bottles.

Only the servers the “below stairs”  staff were aware of what had happened non of the main wedding party would have been any the wiser.

It was almost done in secret, secret wine secret miracle, Mary knew the disciples knew , the servant knew, but know one said anything, it slipped under the radar unnoticed. That miracle that best wine, passed everyone by

The thing with secrets is its impossible to keep them to your self, I’ll tell you this secret as long as you don’t tell any one. And soon every one knows

The secret Of Jesus, His Power, His love  His sacrifice.

Tell some one this secret, And tell them, to tell everyone.

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