Worship Sunday 14th Feb 2021

Today is Valentines day when traditionally secret love is declared by sending an anonymous card or flowers a day for Love to be shared, and next Tuesday is shrove Tuesday or pancake day marking the start of Lent, When we give something up to remind us of Jesus’s time in the wilderness, so I thought it would be good to do a combined message for the two and announce ,

“I’d Love a Pancake”

Which reminds me of a story I heard about pancake day.

Two brothers, Kevin and Ryan were excited about pancake day they loved pancakes and so when the day arrived and Dad was in the kitchen about to make pancakes an argument arose, because each brother wanted the first pancake. I’m the oldest said Kevin I should get the first pancake.

But I was here first said Ryan so I should get the first pancake,

Dad seeing a great opportunity for a good moral life lesson turned off the gas, turned to the boys and said “Now listen boys if Jesus was here he wouldn’t say give me the first pancake would he, He’d say Let my brother have the first pancake and I’ll have the second one.”

Kevin thought about this for a few moments and then he says, Ryan you be Jesus.

A story attempting to teach about putting others first,

Which also reminds me of a song from my youth

J. O. Y. J. O. Y. surely that must mean, Jesus First, Yourself last, and others in-between (to the tune of jingle bells)

So if we give nothing else up for Lent, lets give up being selfish, and share love were ever we go


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