Worship Sunday 8th Nov 2020

Here is the link to this weeks worship I’ve set it to go live at 12.15 am Sunday morning

the channel address is same as last week: –



Opening song:-  Father God I wonder

Short story

The Preacher John Whitehead tells a story about a very enthusiastic Christian (Who we will call Tom) and he would leap up and exclaim Hallelujah or praise the Lord during the ministers sermon. The minister found this very off putting.

                Although Tom was enthusiastic he was also a bit scruffy and seemed to only have one pair of trousers to his name and these were a little bit lacking in certain departments.

                The next Sunday the minister found Tom before the service and said to him he’d been having a clear out and had found two pairs of trousers that didn’t fit him any more but that they were Toms size and he was quite welcome to them on one condition, that he contained him self and didn’t shout out during the sermon. Tom was grateful of the offer of trousers and told the minister he would sit quietly thro the sermon.

                Part way thro the sermon as the minister was extolling Gods great love for all mankind Tom just couldn’t contain him self, he just couldn’t keep it in any longer he just had to praise God

and so leaping to his feet he hollered “Britches or no britches Hallelujah”

                Tom just couldn’t keep it in, he just had to praise God

                We can all learn something from Tom, no matter what barriers are put in our way, or distractions imposed to deflect us or false rewards imposed, Nothing can prevent us from worshiping God

So in the words of tom (after 3, all together)

“Britches or no britches Hallelujah”

Closing song:- How great is our God

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